Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included with ConversionAssist?

ConversionAssist plans come with the following available features:

-Unlimited Users

-Unlimited Contacts/Customers

-Booking/ResTech Integration (where applicable, see Integration partners below)

-Universal Inbox (Calls, Google My Business chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, SMS Chat Widget, Email)

-Prompted SMS Chat Widget

-Unlimited Quick Reply Templates

-Pre-Booking Reminders

-Post-Booking Review Requests via SMS

-Mobile App

-Social Media Posting/Scheduling (Facebook, IG, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, TikTok)

-Email Campaigns & Templates Access

-Send Ringless Voice Messages

-Call Tracking & Recording

-Website/Landing Page Builder

-Website Form/Popup Creation

-Workflow/Automation Builder

-Access to our Zapier Integration

What is the cost for additional SMS/Phone/Email usage?

After the included monthly cap has been reached for SMS, phone numbers, phone minutes, or emails, the following usage cost can be seen on this chart:

For UK customers the outbound SMS cost is $.065 per segment and inbound SMS cost is $.015

On average users in the US may have an additional $15-$70/mo in usage costs depending on the number of bookings/customers you have, messaging and phone volume, the character count of SMS messages and whether it's on/off season. This is just an estimate and individual usage varies.

What Booking platforms does ConversionAssist integrate with?

ConversionAssist can integrate with most booking platforms that allow booking data to be passed via a Webhook URL or those with a Zapier integration.

Some of the booking platforms we can integrate with include:







How long does it take to get setup?

When you sign up for ConversionAssist you'll be immediately prompted to book an onboarding call with our team to make sure you get setup quickly.

We'll provide a Customizer form for you to complete prior to the onboarding call to make sure we know the messaging you'd like to use (or you can use our default messages), who your booking platform is, some of the channels/integrations you'd like to connect, etc.

Our goal is to have you up and running right after our onboarding call. There may be delays integrating with your booking platform as they handle the integration requests based on their own turnaround times.

Most users are up and running within 2-7 days depending on when they book their onboarding call and the speed in which their booking platform provides what we need to complete the integration.

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