We Help Tour & Activity Operators

  • Get More Bookings

  • Improve Customer Experience

  • Automate Reviews

  • Make Staff More Efficient

FareHarbor + Zapier Integrations

  • Auto-magically pull in customers from FareHarbor bookings

Customer name, email, phone, type of booking, revenue, and more are used to leverage automated follow ups!

  • Communicate with customers in bulk

Ever wish you could text message everyone booked on a specific day due to a change in weather or cancellations? Now you can!

Universal Inbox: Calls, SMS Chat, Text Messages, Google My Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM

  • All your communications sync into a single inbox

No more having to jump from app to app the respond to customers, or worse, miss out on a booking because you didn't!

  • Easily message people on any platform

Using our mobile or desktop app you can message people in one place no matter where they contacted you.

  • See new Google Reviews and respond or dispute from the same inbox

There's no need to log into Google My Business to respond to reviews. Simply respond or dispute in the inbox.

Mobile App

  • Message and respond on the go

If you're on the go you can respond to customers without being tied to a physical location.

  • Templated messages make life easier

Who has time to type out long messages? Use Templates to easily answer common FAQs with ease.

  • Phone calls and Video Messages

Answer calls to your tracking numbers on the app and create video messages there as well to add a personal touch to your communications.

SMS-based Chat Widget

  • Tired of getting overwhelmed with calls?

Our SMS-based chat widget is perfect for turning would be callers into text conversations. Customers and operators both love this method of communication.

  • Auto-replies improve the customer experience

We can automatically greet people who message the business and buy you or your staff extra time to respond while making the customer feel like they are being attended to.

  • Better than Web-based Live Chat

Web-based live chat requires people to stay on your website to interact. With SMS-based chat you will have a way to reach them even if they left your website!

Phone Call Tracking

  • Track where your calls are coming from

Never wonder where new business is coming from again. Use tracking phone numbers to show you where to spend your advertising dollars.

  • Missed call recovery via text

We know that every call could be a valuable customer. Automatically text back callers you missed and recover that potential revenue.

  • Call recording disposition

Ever wonder what really happened on a phone call between your staff and a customer? Now you can know with call recordings for both inbound and outbound phone calls.

Customer SMS Automations

  • Automate pre & post booking messages

Need to tell people where to park, what to bring, or reminders about their tour or rental? Now you can automatically!

  • Improve the customer experience

Customers love to be informed and kept in the loop. Don't rely on your staff to do the heavy lifting any longer.

  • Messages filtered by whatever you need

Need certain messages only for certain booking types? No problem! Just let us know the message and who it should go to and we'll handle the rest.

Post-Booking Review Requests

  • Get more reviews with less effort

Automatically engage with customers after their booking ends to generate more reviews and get valuable customer feedback.

  • Google, Facebook, or other 3rd party sites.

You're not limited to requesting reviews on a certain website. It's up to you!

  • Get valuable feedback

Our SMS-based review process engages customers to share their experience in addition to requesting a review. Learn the good and "not so good" experiences customers are having.

Templated SMS Messages

  • Stop typing the same thing over and over

Constantly answering the same questions? Now you can template responses to save your staff time and energy.

  • Control the communication

Ever wish your staff followed the same script or messaging with customers? With templates, you dictate what is said and how it's worded at scale.

  • Easily create or edit templates

If things change and you need to update or add new templates is simple and easy to do.

Payment Integration via


  • Send text-2-pay links easily

Want to make it easy for a customer to pay? Send them a text link via Stripe integration.

  • Make it easy for customers to tip

Nobody carries cash anymore. Now you can ask for tips via text and make it simple for customers to reward your guides for a job well done.

  • Lower fees than ResTech solutions

Getting payments via our system costs you no additional fees (Stripe fees apply).

Smart Lists for Mass Communication

  • Message customers in bulk

Whether there is a change to an itinerary or cancellations due to weather, our system makes it easy to message everyone in bulk.

  • Save lists of customer segments

Want to quickly and easily find customers who booked a certain type of tour or on a certain day? No problem!

  • Customer data at your fingertips

Look at customer insights for how they interacted with your business, all communications in a feed, and booking details.

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